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Custom Ornaments

Custom Metal Ornaments

The holiday season is a time built on memories with your loved ones. From the first gift you unwrapped as a baby right up until last New Year’s Eve, the holidays are a time to love those around you. There is no better way for expressing this love than with custom forged memories on a Christmas tree ornament.

A perfect demonstration of how much someone means to you, a custom ornament is a terrific way to pay homage to memories of years past in any capacity you wish. Enlisting a custom ornaments service, the sky is the limit when recognizing shared memories, with everything from names to years to likenesses.

When you need etched brass tangibles for holiday ornaments or donor recognition gifts, we provide you with exactly what you need. With almost two decades of experience, we have the knowledge, resources, and skills to create unique ornaments with your brand’s image or logo. From corporate get-togethers to organization award ceremonies, our ornaments are the perfect way to honor your employees or celebrate your members.

We offer several options when it comes to our custom ornament service. Although we etch all of our ornaments in brass, we plate them in either gold or silver. In addition to the ornament itself, a folded gift card is included, and the entire package comes in a stylish velvet bag.

Perfect for the holiday season, the gift of an ornament keepsake is a perfect idea for your loved ones. Browse our site for more information about our products or contact the team at Marbex Inc. for more information on ordering custom metal ornaments.

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